A member of the Faculty since 1992, Dennis is known for his innovative work on computing systems, particularly on issues involving a detailed knowledge of both the hardware and software in these sophisticated systems.


Mathematics, English, IT, Computer Science


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
EV3Sport Exercise Sciences3 years15/01/09
EV7Financial Analyst Course3 years15/08/09
EV7Masters in Finance3 years15/08/09
EV3College Football Course3 years15/01/09
EV1Music & Drama (3 Years)3 years15/01/09
EV4Basketball Courses2 months15/02/09
EV7Masters in Finance (3 Years)3 years15/08/09
EV3Sport and Exercise Sciences3 years15/01/09
EV1Music and Drama (3 Years)3 years15/01/09
EV4Level 1 Basketball Courses2 months15/02/09
EV1Music & Drama Course3 years15/01/09


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
EV12Get Started Evening in August2 days17/02/05
EV11Student Life Twitter Q&A 20156 days17/02/09
EV6Year 10 Parent Learning Event454 days17/02/24
EV3Bookish Event II at LC Library60 days17/10/01